C-League (3rd Grade) FAQ’s

NAA C League (3rd Grade) – FAQs

Who is eligible for C League?

The C league is primarily for third grade players who either live in Newton or attend school in Newton.   Both boys and girls may play but note that most teams are primarily boys.  If you would like your daughter to play, please make sure that she understands that she is likely to be the only girl on a team.

 What is the schedule for C League?

The following are subject to change based on holiday schedules.  Full schedules for each team will be provided prior to the first practice in December.

Player registration deadline – November 15

Team assignments – November 22

First practices – First Saturday in December

Game dates – Saturdays from December through mid-March

Game times – Between 9 am and 1 pm depending on number of teams

 Are there playoffs?

No, we do not keep standings.  We normally do have re-matches at the end of the season of teams that seem to be of the same level.

What is the practice schedule?

Each team will have a weekly one hour practice time.

Practices are primarily held on Monday through Thursday at either 6 pm or 7 pm for one hour.  If the number if teams is greater than 8, practices will also be held on Sunday afternoons.


Where are games played?

All games and practices are at Underwood School


Are there tryouts?

No, teams are made up by combining some children from the same school (when possible) and mixing two or more schools on a team.  The goal is to allow children to know some other players from their school but also to meet children from other areas of Newton.


Can I request a player pairing?

You can request one other player for a pairing but there is no guarantee we will be able to honor your request.   We strongly discourage group requests as these tend to create unbalanced teams.


What are the playing time rules?

We expect that coaches will, within reason, try to balance playing time equally.


What size ball is used?



Does the league provide practice balls?              

No.  We provide game balls.  We encourage players to have their own balls.  Coaches will suggest whether they want players to bring a ball to practice.  Make sure your ball is clearly marked with name and phone number or it will certainly disappear.


How high are the baskets?

9 feet (or so)


Why do you use lower baskets?

To promote better shot making form.  Third grade players tend to distort their shooting form when the basket is too high for them.   It also allows most players to score at some point during the year.


What can I do to help my child develop his/her skills?

There are many ways.  One of the best age-appropriate methods is to give them ball and encourage dribbling and ball handling.  Shooting tends to be overemphasized vs. basic ball handling skills.