• What are the league fees?
    Fees for the 2016-2017 season are as follows.

    • B4 through Stern League (Formerly PONY) $180 for the first child in a family and $150 for each additional child.
    • C League fees are $150 and $120 for each additional child until November 20th. Senior League fees are $135 and $105 for each additional child.
    • Fees cover gym rentals, referees, uniforms, equipment and trophies.  Gym rentals (paid to the city of Newton) were increased by over 30% since 2007.  These are our largest single cost for the league.
  • Why does  NCE’s registration system say that the league fee is $6 less than listed on here?
    NCE’s registration system applies a $6 processing fee at the final checkout/payment process. The fees listed in each registration page reflect the price before that final $6 is applied to the total. The final cost at checkout is identical to the fees described on this website.
  • How do I add a second (or third) user to my NCE Registration account?
    1) Log into your (your child’s) account, look on the left hand side and click My Account, then click Manage Members.2) See the glowing blue Add New Member? Click that and enter info about that 2nd child. (Please do list two different phone numbers and any allergies/health info we should know about.)3) Then, click Course Search and find the appropriate program for your 2nd child.4) At the bottom of the fabulous Basketball program you’ve found, select a payment option, then change the Registrant to the 2nd child’s name BEFORE you click Add to cart.
  • Do you provide refunds for children who drop out of the league?
    We only provide refunds for drop-outs up until teams are made – This year we start on October 25th.  This date is very important to the league as once we make up teams it is very difficult to make changes and to preserve competitive balance.  (In the event of a drop-out due to unforeseen family circumstances, you can make a request to the league board of directors for consideration of a refund.)
  • Can you put my child on a team with a neighbor for car pool purposes?
    Sorry, but it is not possible to honor individual car pool requests or requests to play with friends or requests to be placed with a certain coach.  The league is too large and our priority is to balance teams by ability.  The only exception is the C League (3rd grade) where we will do our best to honor requests to play with friends.  We will also attempt to place C League players (3rd grade) with kids from the same school district.
  • When are practices held?
    Each team is assigned one practice night per week for one hour. Practices are held from Sunday through Thursday evenings. At registration you may designate one night as a night you cannot practice.
  • 4th/ 5th grades: 7:00-8:00pm (1 night M,T,W,Th) or Sunday between 230pm-5pm.
  • 6th/7th Grades: 8:00pm-9:00pm (1 night per week M,T,W,Th) or Sunday between 230pm-5pm.
  • STERN League 9:00pm-10:00pm(1 night M,T,W,Th).
  • Please consider this request carefully.  We cannot change your “no practice” night request after teams are assigned.  Note: Preseason practices are generally NOT on the same days or evenings as the regular season practices.
  • When are GAMES held? (These are the estimated times but subject to change depending on # of teams per league)
    B4 will usually play Saturdays between 8:45am-11am
    B5 will usually play Saturdays between 11am-1pm
    A6 will usually play Saturdays between 1pm-3pm
    A7 will usually play Saturdays between 3pm-5pm
    Stern league (8th & 9th graders) will usually play Sundays between 11am-3pm
  • Where are games and practices held?
    Games and practices for all leagues except the C league are held at Brown Middle School.  C league games and practices are held at the new Angier School
  • Can my child play “travel” basketball and play in the NAA league?
    Many children do play both travel and NAA basketball.  However, the league requests that if you do decide to play both, you make a commitment to attend both practices and games for the NAA and once assigned to a team make a commitment to play the entire season.  If you cannot make a reasonable commitment to the NAA team, it is generally best to not sign up and later drop out as our team balances are affected by the loss of the “travel” players who often are stronger players. For more information on the Newton Travel Basketball Program, please go to http://www.newtonbball.com/
  • What if I am uncertain if my child will make a travel team?
    Most travel teams are selected prior to the NAA league drop-out deadline (October 27th this year.) You can register for the NAA and as long as you notify the league prior to October 25th you will receive a refund.  Of course, we request that you notify us as soon as you know your child’s status.
  • What if may child cannot attend either of the evaluation clinics?
    Evaluations are mandatory. We use the evaluations to create evenly balanced teams which is part of the formula for having a fun and competitive league.
  • What is the process used to select High School coaches?
    In the past we have had more interest from high school kids to coach than available positions and we typically give priority to seniors and then juniors. At this point we are just beginning to collect coaches application so it is impossible to know how many positions will be open for high school students. For consideration, please fill out the coaches application.
  • What should I do if I am having trouble registering online?
    If you can, please try to register online at least one more time or ask a friend if you can try to register using his or her computer. Our record keeping is complicated by over 600 registrations for players and coaches making it more difficult to deal with checks and off line registrations.
  • What size basketballs are used in the league?
    C League and B4, B5, and A6 use the smaller women’s basketball which has a circumference of 28.5 inches.  A7 and STERN Leagues use the the regulation size men’s basketball which has a circumference of 29.5 inches.